About Us

The WriteLab is an Education Brand duly incorporated in Zimbabwe. The WriteLab brand is an intellectual property in the form of a unique teaching and learning methodology. The methodology fosters good comprehension, concept mastery and learning interest in primary and secondary school students.
The WriteLab methodology targets all primary and secondary school students, and is offered in an environment different from the conventional class environment. It is a targeted approach, which treats pupils and teachers according to the peculiarity.
The WriteLab methodological approach came about against the backdrop that learning and teaching have not been revolutionarised to meet the changing needs of today’s children. The old Socratic methodologies, which are not sustainable, undependable, and continue to yield poor results, are still in use in present day schools. Dr. Eugine Makaya, the brains behind the WriteLab methodology has also written a book entitled; “Success in Examinations” which is in public domain, in trying to help students address the shortfalls of their curriculum.
The objective of the company is to offer Learning Services to pupils emphasising on their intellectual development and learner sustainability.
WriteLab seeks to: (a) Enhance student learning, (b) Meet specific learner needs, (c) Provide conducive learning environment